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Editing for Your Bottom Line


Find out what an English professor turned entrepreneur can do for your writing!!


           Hi! I’m Dr. Patricia Ross.?I have helped hundreds of people make their writing clear and readable, and I would like to help you with your book!

             Getting something down on paper is sometimes difficult enough. Most people do not take the very important next step—editing—because they don’t know what to do.

             (We all know F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, right??But do you know Max Perkins??Of course not, but without Max Perkins, there would have been no Fitzgerald or Hemingway.?Perkins was their editor!)

             So instead of groaning and just hitting “print?or “send?/span> hoping that what you wrote is really what you wanted to say, call an expert.?I have done this step thousands of times over with hundreds of authors!

Have some peace of mind.

With my editing you will get proven, guaranteed results!


             I am able to help you with both your fiction and non-fiction book—including business books and memoirs! I can even help you get your poetry in tip-top shape.?I have worked with several respected publishing companies. I am considered the “go to?editor for Morgan James Publishing company and am one of the top content editors for Xlibris, one of the pioneers in the print-on-demand world of publishing

             In 2008 alone I saw four of the books I edited make it to “best-seller?status! My hundreds of satisfied clients have said it over and over: “Dr. Ross is the best!?/span>


?/span>Starting a book?

             You might need help with

             -zeroing in on the main idea of your              book

             -planning out the chapters logically

             -writing the introduction and/or                 conclusion

             -getting your ideas to connect.


             Save time! I will help you get started and make your book work better from the beginning. Everyone of my authors told me, after we finished their book, that they wished they had me helping them from the beginning!


Finishing a book?

             The primary concern most of you have with your full-length book is making sure the book “flows.?To do that I will help you:

             -find the repetitive points

             -make important connections and                           write better transitions

-check the everything from the flow

of the sentence to the actual way the

sentence is constructed.

-and, of course, I make sure that the

grammar and punctuation are perfect!


             I hold two things sacred in your writing: your idea and your voice! Let my expertise guide you through the sometimes daunting process of readying a manuscript for publication, from author permissions to making all the final documents really final.


             My job is to help make your writing experience easier and even more enjoyable!

So if you         

             -have a great idea but aren’t sure if

             your writing can do it justice

             -have questions about what makes

             a book good

-don’t know where to start or how

to continue

-have a bunch of teleseminars, white

papers, or even notes in a box and

you don’t know how to put it all



...if you want someone with a credible background who has done it before, call me at (303) 762-1469 or write me at

I’ll give you a free 30 minute consultation!?


Your writing will never be the same!

Copyright ?/span> 2008 Mile High Editing. All rights reserved.

Mile High


Author?Mitch Meyerson


Dr. Patricia Ross was the editor for Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines: 35 World-Class Strategies to Send Your Profits Soaring


In the time we worked together she did an excellent job of organizing the work of 35 top Guerrilla Marketing coaches and making the book flow from start to finish. And best of all she is also a joy to work with.  


Thank you, Dr. Patricia Ross, for your insightful additions and superb dedication to completing this book!

       Mitch Meyerson









I have written 15

books with 5

bestsellers and each

time editing was different. Dr.

Patricia Ross has

been the best

experience I've had. 


With Coaching Is

For Everyone: Learn

How to Be Your Own

Coach at Any Age,

she got what I was

“trying to say.?/span>

Patricia knew the

right format to

deliver the message

with clarity, but it

still reads like "Terri"

and now is simple to



I had her edit my

next book, Sell

Without Selling:

Lessons from the

Jungle for Sales

Success.?She took

the same care with

that book, and I now

consider her my

editing guru.


I can't tell you how

much I appreciate

you, Dr Ross!

           ?Terri Levine

             The Guru of



    ?Author Terri Levine









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